An intensive journey through Oman from Muscst to the country side and to the costal area. You will see the Mosques, palaces, forts, souks, fish market, the Jebel Shams Mountain, turtle watching in Ras Al Had and lots more. After the amazing and exhausting tours stop for a relaxing stay at the border of the Indian Ocean in one of Oman´s luxurious resorts with incredible beaches and award winning services. Enjoy Oman instant.

Oman Randezvous

Your Escape Itinerary Suggestion

Day 1, Arrival in Muscat

After your arrival in Muscat International Airport, proceeding through immigration and collecting your luggage you will be met by your driver in the arrivals hall and transfered to the hotel and check-in. Overnight at Muscat


Day 2, Batinah tour

(appr. 325 km)

After breakfast excursion to the Batinah, the fertile coastal area of the country. First stop is the small town of Barka where we visit the fish market. We then continue to the village of Nakhal, surrounded by countless date palms, and known for its hot springs. Visit the beautifully restored Nakhal fort, built in 16. century on a huge rock by an Imam of the Bani Kharous dynasty. After a picnic lunch we will head to Rustaq for a photo stop at the hot springs and at Al Hazm fort. Return and Overnight in Muscat


Day 3, Muscat citytour

(appr. 80 km)

At 09:30 hrs depart for the citytour which begins with a visit to the magnificent Grand Mosque, built with sandstone and marble. A beautiful Swarowski chandelier and a huge handmade Persian carpet adorn the main prayer hall. Then continue to the Muttrah Souk, a traditional oriental market.  Enjoy the lively atmosphere and the scent of frankincense and spices. We will have a light snack (included in price) at one of the restaurants near the souk and then visit Bait Al Zubair museum. This privately owned museum, located in the old town of Muscat, is known for its fine collection of traditional costumes, antique jewellery and weapons. Afterwards we will have a photo stopp at Al Alam Palace, the palace of the Sultan. On the way back to the hotel photo stopp at the Royal Opera House and drive through the ministries- and embassies area.

Overnight in Muscat 


Day 4, Muscat – Birkat al Mauz – Al Hamra – Jebel Shams – Bahla

(appr. 350 km)

After breakfast we will leave Muscat and depart towards the interior of Oman. First stop is the village of Birkat Al Mauz with its many gardens. Continue to the small town of Al Hamra, were many of the traditional mudhouses are still intact. From there we go up to the village of Misfah which literally clings to the side of the mountain. Take a walk through the village and see the traditional irrigation channels (Falaj). We will then switch to 4x4 vehicles and go further up to Jebel Shams, the ‘mountain of the sun”. Enjoy the spectacular view from the ‘Grand Canyon’. We will have a picnic lunch (included in price) and then leave the mountain to go to your hotel in Bahla. Overnight at Jibreen hotel (alcohol-free), a smaller, family owned hotel, located near Jabreen castle.


Day 5, Bahla – Jabrin – Nizwa – Mudayrib – Wahiba

(appr. 220km)

After breakfast we will visit Jabreen Castle, Omans most beautiful fort with its winding hallways, hidden staircases and beautifully decorated interior. Then we continue to the city of Nizwa, former capital of Oman. Visit the Nizwa fort with its imposing watchtower and the Souk, known for handmade silver jewellery. After lunch (not included in price) we will head towards the desert, the ‚Wahiba Sands‘. 4x4 vehicles will take you to the camp. Dinner (included in price) and overnight at the Desert Palm Camp (alcohol-free).


Day 6, Ras Al Hadd Sur Wadi Tiwi - Muscat

(appr. 210km)

After breakfast you will have some free time to enjoy the desert atmosphere. Then the 4x4 vehicles will take you back to the bus. We will then visit Wadi Bani Khaled, which stands in strong contrast to the desert with its natural pools and greenery. Optional lunch in a local restaurant (not included in price). After lunch we will continue to the coastal town of Ras Al Hadd where you can watch the turtles* later in the evening. Dinner in the hotel (included in price). Overnight at Turtle Beach Resort, a traditional Omani resort with Barasti-bungalows (‘Hamoor’ room with private bathroom, TV and refrigerator).


Day 7, Ras Al Hadd – Sur – Wadi Tiwi - Muscat

(appr. 220 km)

After breakfast we will drive to Sur for a short citytour and a visit to the dhow building yards. Then embark on a relaxing 1h cruise on a traditional dhow. After that we will start our journey back to Muscat along the coast. We will stop at the beautiful Wadi Tiwi and have lunch at the Wadi Shab Resort. In Muscat transfer to the selected hotel (for guests who have booked an extension) or airport (without tourguide). Or back to the standard hotel where you can use the gym to freshen up before your flight. Optional dinner at the hotel (not included in price). Airport transfer (without tourguide) 3 hours prior to departure of the flight.

6 nights/7 days

Travel themes

Adventure, Active, Culture

  • Batinah

  • Grand Mosque

  • Al Alam Palace - Sultan´s Palace

  • Souk shopping

  • Desert experience

  • Turtle watching


Tour plan

Muscat < 350 km Batinah < 80 km Muscat<  350 km Birkat Al Mauz < 220 km Bahla <210 km Ras Al Hadd< Muscat 250 km


Important notes
  • The tourplan and the length of stay of each destinations is a suggestion. You may change the tour details according your interest and logistic possibilities of the destination.

  • Between the tour destinations you will travel with private transfers and guides.

  • Dresscode for the mosque visit: Women must cover arms and legs and wear a headscarf. Men must wear long trousers. Children under 10 years are not allowed to enter the prayer hall.

  • Turtles in Ras al Jinz:

The tour with local rangers is conducted in English only.

There are 2 tours per day one at appr. 21:00hrs und one at appr. 04:00hrs Duration appr. 2h. You will have tickets for the evening tour.

Sometimes, however, we will have to change to the morning tour.

The number of visitors is restricted to max. 100, plus the guests of the resort.

The number of turtles can vary, depending on the season. The best season is from May to September.

Important: if no turtles are in the nature reserve, the tour can be cancelled on short notice. No refund for tickets.

Visitors are required to keep silent and not to use flashlights.Photography is not permitted, in order to not disturb the animals.


Your Escape suggests:
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  • Continue your escape to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  • Continue your escape to the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar



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