From Shanghai with Love

3 nights/4 days

Are you ready to immerse? On your Shanghai visit there are of course some must do´s and see´s, but many non-mainstream attractions, museums, restaurants, café´s, bath houses and gardens. Don´t forget, Shanghai is a foodie city. If you dare the street food, you will have authentic experience. Also top secret restaurants will far surpass your favorite home restaurant.

Your Escape Itinerary Suggestion

Day 1 Shanghai

If you arrive at Pudong Airport, unmissable experience with the Maglev, the first maglev train and covering the distance with the city of 40km at a speed of 430 km per hour in 7 minutes. Enjoy and settle in!


Day 2 Shanghai

Discover Shanghai divided into two parts: the old and new Shanghai. Today we dedicate to the first, with a visit to the enchanting and Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Old Street, with the classic places of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The garden covers a large area and includes many interesting buildings, which date back to the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644). Continuing to get to the Bund, on the promenade in Shanghai, a showcase of architecture before 1949 and symbol of Shanghai; The Bund is the most famous landmark with its 4 kilometers long. Since 1930, the various buildings in the area are home to the business and shopping centers of the city and the largest banks in the world, who have established here one of their main entire East locations. In the afternoon do not miss the classic photos of Shanghai at sunset skyline of Pudong, across the river, from which stand out the Oriental Perl Tower and the Shanghai Tower.


Day 3 Shanghai

And 'the day devoted to the New Shanghai The hike begins at the SWFC Building, located at the heart of Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone. With 101 floors and a height of 492 meters, the Shanghai World Financial Centre will be able to enjoy the city landscape. Continuing, you pass to visit the Art District M50, with its galleries and art exhibitions and finally the most beautiful temple in the city, the Temple of Jin'an, which keeps inside the Great Silver Buddha. In the center, and between a skyscraper and the other, it is perfectly preserved and it is impressive especially at night. If you have time, Shanghai is also the capital of the 'fake' or false. Markets in different parts of the city, selling bags, shoes and clothing items, but also Chinese traditional items like silk or wooden items, jade and porcelain; People's Square, is one of the most famous and among the most affordable; from there through the Nanjing Road, long pedestrian street, you can visit the mall, shops and restaurants, and in the evening appear sparkling with neon lights of the insignia.


Day 4 Shanghai

It leaves Shanghai to continue the increasingly travel within China or to exotic destinations where indulging in relaxation and idleness.


  • French Concession

  • Parks and gardens

  • Shopping at Nanjing Road

  • Night cruse on the Huangpu River

  • Pudong with the Jing Mao Tower

  • Oriental Pearl Tower

  • Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

  • XinTianDi

  • Tianzfang

  • The Bund

  • Jade Buddha

Your Escape suggests:
  • Extend your stay in a beach resort in Thailand, Bali or the amazing Maldives.


The pearl of South Asia the magical Bali. Spectacular mountain scenery and fantastic beaches. Vibrant cultural highlights, tempels and nightlife. Sounds like paradise?


If you are a beach expert and looking for the ultimate deep blue experience, let´s go to the Maldives. Picturesque atolls with amazing hotels. You will need only your sun glases.


Beautiful nature, many visitors, yet space for outstanding luxury holidays on the beach. Tranquility seekers, nature explorers and curry enthusiasts - you all will love the Thai biz!



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