Five days in Tokyo, fascinating city full of history, culture and current events, set of many small towns such as the elegant Ginza with its famous shopping center, Tsukiji, the fish market district or near Shinjuku district, the district nightlife along Roppongi; and still Shibuya, with its entertainment Western to finish the more traditional Asakusa.

Treasures of Tokyo

Your Escape Itinerary Suggestion

Day 1 Tokyo

Arrive to Tokyo, your private driver will bring you to the hotel. A hotel in the Shinjuku area, Shibuya, Ginza and Roppongi is recommended, where you will reach easily the most important spots from. After a light lunch jump to Shinjuku, shopping place preferred by tokyoti where there are boutiques, department stores, shops and underground shopping centers, which develop around the homonymous station. Shinjuku is also the home of Shinjuku ni-chome, the largest, best known and most active gay community in Japan.


Day 2 Tokyo

In the morning in Harajuku, which is the most extroverted fashion district in Tokyo, from Gothic Lolita to Ganguro and for those who want to do cosplay, this is the right neighborhood. To see the Takeshita-dori street, maybe even enjoying one of the famous Japanese crepes or having lunch in one of the premises of this characteristic. And you're lucky and, on weekends, you can enjoy the "show" offered by the cosplay-zoku. In the afternoon you go to Roppongi, a particularly well-known district for its Hills (where there is the Mori Tower, the skyscraper that dominates the area), for the many night clubs and to be a destination for many tourists and Western expatriates (gaijin), although the majority of visitors and residents both Japanese.


Day 3 Tokyo

The Ginza area is worth a good half a day; It is the most famous commercial district of Japan, important economic and financial center, also one of the oldest districts in Tokyo. Once the residence of the Shogun (the "Warlords"), it has always been an exclusive place as is his name, which means silver. For electronics enthusiasts required a jump in Akihabara that rather seems more an immense electronic supermarket and a neighborhood where you can buy from the small original object extremely sophisticated gadgets. Akihabara is also a kind of museum of technology where you can find still working the first PC, as well as mechanical robots of the 80ies. Finally, if you are still in time, Shibuya which is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic areas of the city , lit by giant screens, on all the buildings in the area and where there is a wide variety of shops (especially clothing and music), restaurants and the famous love hotels.


Day 4 Tokyo

He could not miss a visit to the Imperial Palace and the most famous temples in Tokyo. Away from the bustle of the rest of the city, you are immersed in the glorious past Japanese. We are continuing to visit Asakusa, which is located in the north east of Tokyo, one of the less chaotic parts of the capital where you can still meet girls walking in kimono and many rickshaws around the streets, mostly for tourists. This area of ​​town is called by the Japanese Shitamachi (low city), next to Sumida river.


Day 5 Tokyo

It 's time to leave Tokyo for onward travel to other fascinating Japanese locations or to exotic destinations where indulging in relaxation and idleness.


4 nights/5 days

  • Shinjuku

  • Ginza

  • Roppongi

  • Asakusa

  • Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo Skytree

  • Tokyo Disneyland


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