Travel Planning

Whether you are on the look out for the big beach holiday or a multiply-destination adventure trip - we help you with complete travel planning. Please tell us about your desires for the trip of a lifetime. We work out precisely your itiniary, accommodation options and activities.

Flights, boats and bikes

Which ever transportation you need to reach your destination, we will look after your bookings according to your travel plans and schedule. In case of multiply destinations we will coordinate your entire journey.


Getting around

Do not worry about your transportation after arrival. A driver will welcome you and drive you to the hotel. On guided tours or programs private transfer will take you around. If you like to discover the area on your own, car rental service is at your disposal for single days or the entire stay.

Local guides and ground services

Depending on the kind of destination, holiday type and your individual tour planning, local guide or concierge will assist you for any wishes during your stay. As part of your travel planning we will book for your the selected tours, experiences and trips.

Travel Services



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